Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tree Signs

I love to make signs.  The way I make them however, is in no way the proper way.  I usually only have a small window of time.  The kids are happy, there is not another project that needs to get done, dinner is in the oven and the washer is going.   So I apologize in advance to all the professional sign makers.  This is not the way to make a sign, but it is my way…

I used an old piece of plywood that was in the barn.  It is about ½” think.  I sketched 3 trees out with chalk and asked my husband to cut them out.   He used a jigsaw.

For my stencil I printed the words out from a word document.  I try to make my font as big as possible.  This one was 300.  I then use an x-acto knife to cut them out.

I enlisted my little one to help me paint them.  He loves to help with projects.  I used Hunter Green craft paint from AC Moore.

Then I put the stencils on and painted them.  I follow it up with a heavy sanding.  I have learned that the more imperfect it is the better.  It looks like you found it on an old barn or on the side of a farm road leading to a land of Christmas Trees.