Friday, February 7, 2014

You Had Me At Hello....

I made my weekly trip to Home Goods.   As soon as the doors opened there in front of me was an amazing display of lamps.  I had to have one!  But where would I put it?  I wasn't shopping for lamps.  So I left the store with out it.  Only to be up all night - thinking about this lamp.  Okay, I have decorating issues.  Lucky for me it was still there the next day.  And I think I found the perfect spot for it.

The dining room...yes the dining room.  I changed some things around to make it work.  I used to have an old weathervane over my server/bar area.  I replaced it with a Pottery Barn Print of Starfish.  The colors in the print compliment the new lamp.

I love the raw wood - architectural look that it has and the burlap shade was also a plus.  I always struggle when it comes to buying lamps and that is why I just couldn't let this one go.  (Please excuse any tags...I couldn't wait to take the pictures with the sun coming in the the tags are still attached.)
After the lamp purchase I had to swing in to Trader Joe's to grab some flowers.  Hydrangeas, Wax Flowers and a stack of ironstone plates sit on top of an old French cutting board.
One lamp changed the entire look of the dining room.  This lovely lamp had me at hello...
What has been your latest find?  Please share I would love to hear.