Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Workspace Organization

I decided to tackle my workspace yesterday. I don't really have an office or even a true desk for that matter. My workspace is an old drafting table that sits in front of my bookshelves in our family room. Since it is in the center of everything it is best if it is kept organized and lately that just hasn't happened. It has been piles of end of the year paperwork, school work and magazines on top of magazines. I was truly motivated to attack this area on my last trip to TJ Maxx (Homegoods). I came across some amazing note cards, note paper and journals.

A little shopping always motivates me...So I removed everything even a lot of the books from the bookshelves.  I found some great books I forgot I had and some amazing supplies in one of my baskets. 
Before revealing the after pictures, I have to preface it with this area is our family room.  The bookshelves and the desk are in no way "magazine staged".  They are used...It is more of an I SPY book than a magazine.  But now it is organized...