Wednesday, January 8, 2014

View From My Couch...

I have been fighting some yucky colds since Thanksgiving.  I have a couple of good days that I start to feel better and rather than relish them I try to get all the housework, errands,  etc., etc., done and burn myself right back out. 
So needless to say most of my afternoons as of late are spent on the couch. 
I took this picture yesterday.  Yes, from the couch!  The afternoon sun makes everything look so pretty as it comes in through the window.   My new Pottery Barn Pillow is the highlight. It is called the Thomas Ticking Pillow.  It is part of their new Indigo line.  I felt the beige and cream needed a splash of Indigo for the New Year
So here is to more vitamin C, more sleep and healthier days.