Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ikea Find & Stair Update

I must share one of the best deals I have gotten in a long time... I went to Ikea the other day.  A bit disappointed as I headed towards the register.  One of those days that everything I wanted was out of stock.  Just before I checked out I thought I would take a walk through the "as is" section.  In a bin I found an Ektorp (sofa) slipcover.  Just the base piece not the cushions.  To make this find even better it was the same cover that I had debated on buying last winter.  It was a $249 cover so because I was unsure I had not purchased it.  With the base cover in my hand I began to dig through all of the bins looking for the cushion covers.  I found them all.  They were in perfect shape.  They were tagged "as is out of box".  Ready for the price...$4 for the base cover and $1 for each cushion cover.  YES $10 for a $249 cover.  The natural - linen color brings a very nice warm feeling to the family room as I start to decorate for fall.  I just love it!
I also wanted to share a little update on our stair project.  You can see the before pictures here.  It is a bit of a slow moving project, but it is almost there.  We decided to plank the walls.  It seems to be the hot new thing.  I can not go on Pinterest without seeing a room that has been planked. 
We did end up using the old French door.  It  was a door that was originally on the front of the house in the early 1900s. 
So just a few steps left.  The stair treads need to be stained.  I want to hang pictures and maybe even add numbers to the stair risers.  The finished photos will follow - I promise.