Monday, February 4, 2013

Next Project

I have started thinking about our next house project.  Now that the holidays are over and at this moment we are all healthy...knock on wood.

As I have posted in the past our house is a work in progress.  We are now over 5 years in and I would say we are 75% complete on the  inside and 50% complete on the outside. 

So next...The stairs...

We do not have a railing and the old stair treads have a curve to them.  Which has made for many of tumbles.  Not just the too.  So the time has come. 

This is what they look like now...

I have once again taken to Pinterest for my inspiration.   I'm thinking of replacing the current door with a french door.  I love how this glass door looks.
We have an old french door in the barn that was originally used on the front door of the house.  I'm hoping it fits.
My next thought was to use boards on the wall like this photo. 
Now the stairs walls are old horsehair plaster.
I also want to keep the risers white and the stair treads natural colored. 
I then want to paint numbers on the risers.
Finally,  I would love to hang a combination of family photos and vintage along the walls.
I don't know when this next project will start.  I feel like now that I have all my ideas down I am one step closer.  I will keep you posted.