Thursday, April 11, 2013

Motivation - Finds of the Week

I purchased a few things this week that made me smile and motivated me to get the day to day things accomplished.  

I just took a few quick pictures to share them with you.  I apologize in advance.  The lighting wasn't the best in the house today. 

I found my new favorite pillow at Pottery Barn this week.  I even splurged for the insert.  I realized I needed the big 24" square for my couch. 

Now the big question is do I go back and get a second?  It is the Lucianna Medallion.
I also grabbed a few great napkin rings while I was there.  They were on sale.  I thought the frog would have a little more shelf life than the other napkin rings they had.  Not just a spring thing.  They can work for summer and into the fall.

Finally, the trip to Trader Joe's.  I was so happy to see they had their herbs out. 

So strange that some herbs, lemons and limes made me clean my kitchen and want to cook dinner.  What ever works I guess?  What motivates you?