Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to School, Big E, Nesting on Main

I have been away from blogging for a bit. I thought for sure when school started 4 weeks ago and my youngest was gone all day I would be able to blog all the time. Talk about all the projects I had accomplished. The painting I got done, decorating and craft projects.

Well - Hasn't Happened!

Most people are great multi taskers. I try but it is not my strength. My oldest is on 2 soccer teams and my latest try at multi tasking is figuring how to get the little out of school at 3:20 and make it to junior high games at 3:30. We also have not had a full week of school so with a random Tuesday or Wednesday off I'm lucky I know the day of the week!

With all of this confusion projects have not been getting done, but I must say we have still had a lot of fun.

We went with friends to The Big E. The largest Fair in New England. So much FUN - great food, rides, and drink. It runs till Sunday - A must for those in the area!

This past weekend my son's soccer game brought us 5 minutes from one of my favorite shops. Nesting On Main I see them often set up at Brimfield Antiques Fair, but it is a treat to go to their store. Located in Concord, Mass. You are greeted by at trail of bubbles coming from their second floor entrance.  This store reminds me of an I spy Book! I could spend hours there - on this visit I only had 15 minutes before the game.  I did manage to get some great pictures to share with you and also picked up a couple of finds for

So I promise to keep the blog updated more often (at least I hope) and maybe get a project done. 

Until then...enjoy the fun moments!