Monday, July 16, 2012

Family Room Update

I realized I have done a number of "to be continued" posts.  I think that is because I want the final post to be perfect.  But as we all know nothing is ever perfect (only in the magazines).  So I thought I would tackle a "final" post today.  Although not perfect - still touch ups and more decorating to be done, but it is almost there.

This is the family room.  As you may remember it started a few days after Christmas.  Orignially 2 rooms.  They both measured only 9 x 10 with a closet in the middle.  My husband removed the wall, patched the floor, painted and painted.  My dad was kind enough to build the bookshelves.  We only needed to outsource the plastering.  We used the man that plastered and patched the rest of our house.  He somehow understands me when I say can you make the plaster look old.  Tradesman like that are so hard to find these days. 

These were some of the before - during

And these are the after (well almost after)