Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Decorating

I love to decorate in the summer.  I don't know if is the nautical theme, the colors (red, white & blue) or the ease of finding inspiration.  A flower in bloom, a sea shell brought home by your little one, the fresh air through an open window.  I find it so hard in September to remove my summer decorations.  I have to admit I do keep some of those seashells out all year.  Here are some of my favorite decorations and some photos that have inspired me...

3 Drift Wood Boats - I made them from vintage ticking fabric and driftwood found at our local beach

This urn I purchased from a consignment store for $25.  I have filled it with driftwood and coral

This plaid bathroom picture is from Pinterest.  I think this is a must for a future bathroom update.  The red, white and blue colors are beautiful.

This photo is also from pinterest.  I love how the shells are displayed.  Makes me want to go comb the beach for more.

This cottage pine bureau is in my living room.  I add the starfish print from Pottery Barn along with a oil on board of a beached boat, every summer. 

How do you decorate for summer?