Friday, February 10, 2012

Family Room Update

So the Family Room is progressing...I wanted to share with you some updated photos as well as some find/ideas that I have been using in the decorating. 
As you can see from this photo when we took down the wall we had to replace some of the floor boards.  This was a huge project.  One room had fir floors and the other pine.  We also needed to replace it with larger boards.  The boys explained why to me, but sometimes I just don't get it.  Needless to say it was a battle trying to stain/seal them so that the would kinda match.  8 coats later and we called it good enough.

The room then got a coat of paint.  I seem to always fall back on my favorite color by Benjamin Moore.  It is an Auro Paint - Pashmina - AF-100.  I just love it.  It is a mix of gray/taupe. 

So now I have started to try to make it a family room.  Although I still need bookshelves, tv and lot of picture hanging and paint touch ups.  I'm just so anxious to decorate. 

So I want to make it a kids friendly family room without there being toys all over.  I'm trying this idea...It is a chicken carrier (yard sale $10) on top of a cart (yard sale $10).  I put a handful of family games inside.  I think I like it...thoughts?

This is a street map of England.  I have had it in a draw for years.  I purchased it at an consignment store for $1.  The frame is from a yard sale also $1.  I was going to take it to be framed, but knowing how often I change my decorations I wasn't willing to commit to the $150 framing cost.  So I took a chance and ordered a mat online from a store just found on a google search.  Could have gone bad...but it didn't.  I was so impressed the package arrived in 4 days of ordering packed like a fine piece of art. - Total cost with shipping $27.  The glass is from Lowe's $15. 

The rug is from Pottery Barn - As Is Display Model - $124 for a 5 x 8

The coach ofcourse is from Ikea - Ektorp - White Slipcovered - $399. 

So far so good sticking to the budget.  Still a work in progress, but there is still a ways until Easter - that was my goal correct?