Monday, January 30, 2012

Trip to Ikea

This weekend we headed to Ikea to get a sofa for the new family room.  Update Pictures to come...

Of course like every trip to Ikea you can't just leave with one thing.  Meatballs - Check, Cinnamon Buns - Check, What did I go there for again?  Oh yeah a couch. 

I also picked up some great candles and adorable juice glasses.  The glasses are 5 oz.  Perfect size for little hands.  They came in a pack of 6. 
I grabbed an old chicken feeder I had out of the coop.  Washed it up and added the pillar candles.  They look beautiful at night. 

I think I am going to steal this idea from Ekster Antiques.  I love the way the tall candles look in the basket.  I have 40 candles now I just need a basket.