Friday, March 23, 2012

Love for Vintage Trophies

I love vintage trophies.  I think they are the neatest decoration and the have such a story to tell.  I have been collecting them for the past couple of years.  My collection is very small.  Their popularity as of late has been driving their costs a bit to high for my taste. 

The April issue of Country Living had a beautiful display of farm - livestock trophies. 
I went to my local auction on Wednesday evening and was thrilled to see, you guessed it trophies.  But these were even better than the ones I have or the one is this Country Living article.  They were trophies from the Narragansett, Rhode Island Tuna Tournament.  My mom's family grew up in Narragansett and as a child I remeber them participating in this tournament.  Although these were from before I was born.  I'm sure it was a tournament they were in.  I was lucky enough to be the winning bid.  I'm thrilled at my latest find.  A beautiful decoration that brings back lovely childhood memories.