Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year...New Project

So I thought I would end 2011 and start 2012 with a big project. 

We purchased our home 5 years ago this month.  I tell everyone it is a work in progress.  That it is.  Just shy of 200 years old it had been beautifuly updated in the 1960s...HA!  When we purchased it the pine floors had been covered by tile.  The living room had a drop ceiling.  Knotty Pine covered all of the horse hair plastered walls and I think all of the trim was a lovely shade of aqua.  So although we have said good-bye to the tile, knotty pine and drop ceiling.  There is still a piece of aqua you may see in a room or two.  Not by choice...

Which leads me to the project.  The back two rooms in the house measured 9 x 10 with a closet in between both of them.  They considered them bedrooms.  One we used as a playroom
The other we hadn't touched.  It was the room that still had boxes and boxes.  It became an office/big closet.  The walls had never been patched.  In fact the ceiling would drop pieces of plaster when the kids would play upstairs. 
So we decided to make the big move and knock the wall/closet down.  To join the room to make 1 big (9 1/2" x 21") family room...this is big to us.  Of course we decided to do this with Christmas only two days behind us.  What were we thinking?  The below pictures are how far we have come.  Wall down, board up, plaster on, rough electrical done.  This weekend hopefully floor patching and painting.  I will definately keep you posted.  Hopefully we will be relaxing on the new couch, reading a book from the beautiful new bookshelves and sipping a very large glass of wine by Easter.  I HOPE!