Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Olive Basket

Olive Basket Find...I don't know if anyone would believe me, but I have been searching for this Olive Basket for the past few months.  I saw one on a blog and was determined to find one of my own.  I have scoured ebay, etsy, etc.  with no luck.  I found one in  Brimfield - the May show, but the price tag of over $200 was way out of my league.  Then I came across this on Potterybarn.com and Potterybarnkids.com
They used one to hold vegetables in the kitchen and the other as a pendant in a boys room.  I love these!  Unfortunately Pottery Barn doesn't sell them YET!  So I was even more determined to find one when I went to Brimfield in July.  And guess what?  I did.